Feitown is a global custom software development company whose leading members all have more than 20 years of professional experience in various industries. Not only do we have strong technology skill, we also have business knowledge in many areas. From design to implementation, we deliver a full spectrum of services using technologies approperiate to drive your businesses to ultimate sucess!

We deliver solutions in a logically sound procedure:
  1. Understanding Your Business
    We strive to understand your business so we can design and develop solutions that best suit your organization and user experience.
  2. Architectural Design: High level Enterprise Architect Design, Detailed Technical Design, and Implementation
    Our architects have gained great experience through years of real work, the best solutions with approperait technologies will be chosen to achieve your goals and drive your business to success.
  3. Implementation
    You may chose to implemntate yourself, in which case we will stand by with you with the design. You may chose to let us do the implementation for you as well, or you may chose our offshore develment team to deliverr the final product, in which case we will stand by with you as a loca contact point.
  4. Validate
    From software design to development, our rigorous software testing and quality assurance review process ensures that you (and your users) get exactly what’s expected across any platform or code – no matter how technical or complex.
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